Looking Back and Looking Ahead – One Year Later

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(Last Updated On: September 22, 2015)

A year ago I started a couple of projects to remember past travel and look ahead to future travels. My goal was to write one post almost every week on a favorite travel memory and then follow up with posts on a place I particularly want to return to or finally get to.

20131006-DSC_3123 photographing Afton State ParkIt’s been a busy year at work, personally, and as a travel writer and photographer.

That means I got sidetracked with other things (including moving this blog from TheTravelGal to the ExplorationVacation on Word Press), some of which I hope have made this blog better, more interesting, more engaging, and more useful for you. It was all about improving your experience here. That’s my story anyway!

I enjoyed the chance to reflect on travel past and future and will return to this project – but on a less ambitious schedule.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these and all my posts over the year. I appreciate your joining me on my travels and look forward to your company on future adventures.

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