Photo Thursday: A Giant Fake Orchid in Columbus, Ohio

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

The Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio, is home to a number of striking orchids, but one stands out.

Photo TH 20130920-DSC_6183 giant fake orchid at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus OhioThis enormous, perfect phalaenopsis is actually a work of art by Mark Lagergren and Anthony Ball of Tork IndustrialARTifacts. The oversized, but otherwise realistic 16′ tall flower is made of cast resin and hammered copper.

giant orchidAnd just think – it never needs to be watered!

This is my contribution to Travel Photo Thursday at Nancie’s Budget Traveler’s Sandbox. For more photos from around the world, head on over to see what she’s posted and follow the links to see images from all over.

The Franklin Park Conservatory
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6 thoughts on “Photo Thursday: A Giant Fake Orchid in Columbus, Ohio”

    1. Oh, you shouldn’t be scared of orchids. Just ignore all the experts and plant your phal in a nice clay pot in a bright area, water it a twice a week, and wait for the blossoms!

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