Daily Snapshots: Fall in Western Wisconsin and Chicago

(Last Updated On: April 6, 2020)

We are on our way to an Inuit Art conference near Chicago, with stops in central Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and downtown Chicago.

Daily snapshots of Western Wisconsin and around Chicago

Fall in western Wisconsin

We start off on a dark and dreary day, which means the leaves aren’t showing off their brilliant hues like they would under sunny skies. However, we manage to miss the rain and the snow flakes remain small and sporadic, making for a pleasant drive along the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi Valley and then inland on bucolic Highway 33.

collage of fall in Wisconsin - www.ExplorationVacation.net

On to Milwaukee

After a lovely breakfast with friends (homemade pumpkin pancakes), it’s time to get back on the road again. The sun doesn’t appear until after we’ve driven through Devil’s Lake State Park, but it’s lovely anyway.

The Riverwalk in Milwaukee is also lovely, if in a different way. As is the Milwaukee Art Museum just before sunset.

collage on the road to Milwaukee - www.ExplorationVacation.net

We end the day as we began it, over a meal with dear friends.

Art and more in Milwaukee

Milwaukee seems a bit lacking in coffee shops. This isn’t all bad though, as my search for a good spicy chai brought us to City Hall (I was clever enough to go inside and check out the tiered lobby) and then through the historic buildings of downtown before wandering back to our hotel along the River Walk.

A separate jaunt brought us back to the art museum, where we spent much of our time admiring the building itself (and watching it retract and then spread its magnificent wings) before stopping for lunch and taking in some great art.

collage of snapshots from the Milwaukee Art Museum

And now we are off to the Chicago area.

Skyscraper city (Chicago)

It takes a while to get into the city from Lane’s sister’s house in the suburbs of Chicago, but our hotel has a room awaiting when we arrive and we have time for lunch before heading off on a fascinating tour of Chicago’s early skyscrapers.

Chicago collage with skyscrapers

That evening we head back out into the streets for a little photography and a very nice dinner!

Architecture and art in Oak Park and Chicago

A morning architectural tour takes us to Oak Park to check out the home and early work of Frank Lloyd Wright. The neighborhood includes a wide variety of styles tucked in among the more traditional Victorian homes.

collage of Oak Park Heights and the Chicago Art Institute - www.ExplorationVacation.net

The afternoon finds us exploring the varied collections of the Art Institute of Chicago.

A foggy morning in Chicago

It’s our last day in the city and I’m disappointed to see it start of grey and hazy. . . but as the fog thickens, I can see the photographic possibilities. London on the Great Lakes!

A foggy morning in Chicago

And then it is time to head home.

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