Capture the Colour – The Morocco Edition

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

For this year’s Capture the Colour contest, I am focusing on the colours of Morocco.

Red is found throughout the rusty landscape, but also in the brilliant dyes that enliven the leather goods for which Fes is famous.

Vat of red dye with leather and worker

Blue is everywhere in Essaouira, but especially on the fishing boats that bob in the harbor on a calm day.

blue fishing boats with sea gulls

Green is found throughout Morocco, in both the architecture and the rolling hills surrounding Meknes and Fes.

mosque and hills

Yellow is scarce beyond the flowers that brighten rural pastures, but it does appear in brief flashes as people go about their day, as with this man examining sheep in a rural market.

Morocco - sheep market

White is the color of the tiled courtyards and ancient walls of Essaouira, but most of all, it is the color of the ever-vigilent sea gulls that patrol the harbor.

sea gull at Essaouira

Capture the Colour is travel blogging contest run by the Travel Supermarket. The contest requires publishing a blog post showcasing five travel photographs that  capture the colours red, blue, green, yellow, and white.

I was excited to get nominated by Leigh from Bike Hike Travel because she’s a good photographer and I need that push to put an entry together. I also like the fact that entering gave me an excuse to spell “colour” the way I always thought it should be spelled (lover of English literature that I am). Besides, it is a good excuse to showcase a few of my (mostly yet unedited) Morocco photos!

I’m supposed to nominate five bloggers . . . but the contest is almost at an end and it seems as if everyone has already entered! If you have travel blog – consider yourself nominated and get your entry in quickly!

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4 thoughts on “Capture the Colour – The Morocco Edition”

    1. Thanks, Leigh. Morocco was very unexpected in all sorts of ways — I had no idea how diverse it would be and the things I thought I knew, turned out to be wrong or, at the least, not what I was expecting.

    1. Thanks. Next year you need to enter!

      Essaouira and the Sahara were my two favorite places (go figure!) and I really wished I’d had more time in both. And we had stunning weather while we were in Essaouira, so were very spoiled – the wind began to howl about 1 in the morning the morning we were leaving – perfect!

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