From Trapper’s Landing to Whipholt Beach, Minnesota

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)
It is a beautiful morning for a walk, so we are off on a little ramble between our lodge at Trapper’s Landing and Whipholt Beach.

Once we pass the marina that serves Trapper’s Landing, the path takes us through the woods to the tiny lakeside settlement of Whipholt.

dock at Trapper's Bay on Leech Lake Minnesota

19-Leech Lake 2 DSC_5299 Trapper's Landing marina in Minnesota

01-Leech Lake 4 DSC_5217 boat Minnesota

17-leech lake 7 DSC_5290 flowers in Minnesota

03-Leech Lake 6 DSC_5224 trail in Minnesota

02-Leech Lake 8 DSC_5222 trail in Minnesota

04-Leech Lake 10 DSC_5226 woods in Minnesota

13-leech lake 14 DSC_5273 asters in Minnesota

07-Leech Lake 16 DSC_5234 creek in Minnesota

05-Leech Lake 18 DSC_5231 waterlilies Minnesota

06-Leech Lake 20 DSC_5232 summac in Minnesota

While describing this as the “Whipholt Beach Business District” seems a bit optimistic, it does look like a pleasant place to spend the summer. .  especially if I could snag one of those cabins that seem to hang right above the water.


15-leech lake 28 DSC_5280 lake home in Whipholt Minnesota

16-leech lake 23 DSC_5282 cabin in Whipholt Minnesota

09-Leech Lake 26 DSC_5253 lake cabin in Whipholt Minnesota


We keep walking until we reach a long, broad beach on the other side of town – a perfect escape on even the hottest of days!

14-leech lake 12 DSC_5277 walking in the woods in Minnesota

10-Leech Lake 24 DSC_5255 Whipholt Beach Road sign in Minnesota

11-leech lake 32 DSC_5259 whipholt beach in Minnesota

What more could one ask of a little lake town?
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