TBEX and more in Toronto, Canada

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

My spring 2013 visit to Toronto was a revelation: I discovered an attractive, vital city where I remembered only a concrete desert of hulking buildings, parking lots, and highways. Ok, I also recall wonderful paintings by the Group of Seven (particularly the boards they painted in the field) and the delightful Bata Shoe Museum, so it wasn’t all bad. But I wasn’t in any hurry to return.Turns out I waited much too long to give Toronto a second look.

Today’s Toronto is a lively, dynamic, multicultural city that seems to offer a high quality of life for its residents and a wealth of activities for visitors. I loved it from the moment we rolled into town during a downpour.

This latest visit gave me a chance to explore a few of the city’s offerings, but this provides just a sample of what’s available.

Toronto 2013 travel diary and daily snapshots

First impressions of Toronto

The rain that was falling when we arrived quickly turned to hot sunshine, allowing for a bit of neighborhood exploration.

Collage of downtown Toronto

Which continued into the evening.

building lights, road construction, and more night time images

Touring Toronto on a pre-conference workshop

It’s a beautiful summer day – sunny, hot, and humid – perfect for a morning photo tour and an afternoon filled with art and architecture!

architecture, people, art, and more in downtown Toronto

The evening party includes a gummy bear carving station, but the music is too loud so we leave in time to catch a few blue hour shots. It’s a lovely way to end the day!

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