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My spring 2013 visit to Toronto was a revelation: I discovered an attractive, vital city where I remembered only a concrete desert of hulking buildings, parking lots, and highways. Ok, I also recall wonderful paintings by the Group of Seven (particularly the boards they painted in the field) and the delightful Bata Shoe Museum, so it wasn’t all bad. But I wasn’t in any hurry to return.Turns out I waited much too long to give Toronto a second look.

Today’s Toronto is a lively, dynamic, multicultural city that seems to offer a high quality of life for its residents and a wealth of activities for visitors. I loved it from the moment we rolled into town during a downpour.

This latest visit gave me a chance to explore a few of the city’s offerings, but this provides just a sample of what’s available.

Toronto 2013 travel diary and daily snapshots

Day 1: First impressions of Toronto

The rain that was falling when we arrived quickly turned to hot sunshine, allowing for a bit of neighborhood exploration.

Collage of downtown Toronto

Which continued into the evening.

building lights, road construction, and more night time images

Day 2: I Was in Toronto For a Travel Blogging Conference

I was in Toronto to attend the TBEX (Travel Blogger Exchange) new media (travel blogging and more) conference.

Yes, there really is an international conference (two of them actually) specifically for travel bloggers. (Over 700 bloggers and travel industry professionals attended last year, with attendance this year twice that.) I attended last year for the first time and was a little overwhelmed (in a good way) by all the information and the chance to meet some of the people behind the blogs I follow.

It was amazing and I was eager to dive in again this year.

Photographing Toronto on a pre-conference workshop

It’s a beautiful summer day – sunny, hot, and humid – perfect for a morning photo tour and an afternoon filled with art and architecture!

Two photo walks and a writing workshop were available as pre-conference professional development opportunities before the actual opening of the TBEX conference in Toronto. However, you had to be fast to get a spot. I wasn’t fast enough to get into the writing workshop (which filled almost the instant registration opened), but I did get into one of the photo walks – which became my first official TBEX event of the year.

During the morning we visited the financial district, the arts district, and the Kensington Market neighborhood. Despite a too large group and hot muggy weather, the “walk” (we also traveled by bus and trolley) provided a good introduction to the city and a few good photography tips.


A pre-conference art tour

TBEX also offered a few walking tours around Toronto. With lots of choices available, I decided to explore Toronto’s art museums.

Wandering on our own

There was a bit of time late in the afternoon to explore on our own. That allowed more time to enjoy Inuit art and a return to Brookfield Place – and grab a bite to eat.

TBEX: Opening Night Party

The evening party includes a gummy bear carving station, but the music is too loud so we leave in time to catch a few blue hour shots. It’s a lovely way to end the day!

Day 3: The TBEX conference gets underway

Day 4:  More of the TBEX Conference

Day 5:

A free day to explore the city!

Day 6: Heading home


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