Winter in Phoenix

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2019)

I love Arizona.

Sure, I hate the boring developments, the wasteful use of water, the conservative political climate, the lack of walkable neighborhoods, the long drive to get anywhere . . . but there is something about the landscape that speaks to me.

I love the way the mountains pop up in the middle of city, the way you can tell you’ve reached the Sonoran Desert because suddenly there are saguaro raising their arms all around you, the way you can be driving down the freeway – with the windows closed — and suddenly be surrounded by the sweet fragrance of oranges. I just love being here.

Luckily I have friends and family in the Phoenix area, which provides a built-in excuse for visiting.

This month I took advantage of that excuse to make a too-quick trip to see my folks, catch up with a few friends, and soak in some sunshine.

I’ve never been in Arizona in the winter before, so, while I expected it to be chilly (it was), I wasn’t expecting rain. But that is what we got – tucked between a few perfect sunny hours – there was plenty of cloudy skies and rain, real rain, not just drizzly mist. It provided a new perspective on this place.

There was a wealth of activities to choose from during our visit, including a hoop dancing competition, museum exhibits, craft fairs, Chinese New Year’s celebrations, and more. We did a few things, but we spent most of our time visiting and eating.

And that made for a relaxing trip.

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