The dream list: Southern Skåne and and Öland Island, Sweden

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2020)

Dreaming of Southern Skåne and and Öland Island


Skåne is Sweden’s southernmost county, a bucolic, artsy place with cultural and linguistic ties to Denmark.

It always sounded like a nice place to visit, but in 2007 I had an opportunity to hear the Swedish felted wool artist Yvonne Bävman (website in Swedish) discuss her work and her home in Skåne. That glimpse of the place she calls home convinced me that I needed to visit there someday – it seemed to be the ideal mix of sea, sun, open space, charming villages, and art.

Johan Magnus at the German language Wikipedia, via Wikimedia Commons

While I could easily spend all my time here visiting the galleries and workshops of the local artists, the area is also known for its abundant castles, the ancient university town of Lund, farms and villages that seem untouched by time, ancient Viking burials, wetlands filled with birds, and beaches.


The island of Öland is another place that has been on my list of “dreamy places to spend a summer holiday.”

TS Eriksson, via Wikimedia Commons

The whole island is known for its beaches and wind-swept beauty, ancient burial places, and abundant birds. The southern part of Öland is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that preserves a traditional agricultural landscape.

It all looks simply heavenly.

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