Photo Thursday: A Perfect Sunset in Paradise

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

I have just returned from sailing in the Seychelles – lovely tropical islands in the Indian Ocean.

Despite being on the water every day, we saw few great sunsets until the end of the trip when my husband and I spent a day on Mahe with a couple of friends of ours. Despite our difficulty locating the perfect beach bar from which to watch the show, a roadside beach provided a wonderful vantage point.

Not bad for a roadside viewing.

(The next night I realized that we could have had as good a view from the patio of my rental villa, where we could have had a drink at the same time. Unfortunately, nature wasn’t as obliging that evening and this display was not repeated, making this the only truly spectacular sunset we saw in the Seychelles.)

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Very beautiful! I love the way the color of the light catches on the water.

At least you had one spectacular sunset. I want to hear more about the Seychelles.

Yes, one can't complain about getting a spectacular sunset. More info on the Seychelles to come. They are really lovely.

Not bad indeed!! Great shot.