Looking back: Memorable travel moments

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

I promised to share 50 of my most memorable travel moments. But life interfered. . .

A few of my most memorable travel moments

These memories aren’t presented in any particular order. Nor do they carry a particular theme or lesson or emotion — they are simply some of the moments that have stayed with me over the years.

I hope you enjoy taking this little journey with me!

1.  Red Square with Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, 1983
2.  Camping by the Hippo Pool, Moremi Park, Botswana, 2005
3.  Dads and Daughters Day in the Desert, Arizona, 2001
4.  “Walking” the City Wall in Kotor, Montenegro, 2004
5.  Touring the North of Ireland, 2004
6.  The Sun Appears at Machu Picchu, 2005
7.  Christmas in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1970
8.  The Three Kings and More in Quito, Equador, 2006
9.  The Nile from My Deck, Cairo,Egypt, 2007
10.  Night in the Tsodilo Hills, 2005

11.  Hiking to Tolmie Peak Lookout, Mount Rainer, Washington, 1990
12.  Remembering Dave
13.  Connecting with My Family in Sweden, 1983
14.  Celebrating my Birthday in Soure, Portugal, 1998
15.  My First Trip to New Orleans, 1991
16.  Climbing the “Stairs” at Angkor Wat, Cambodia, 2006
17.  Jimmy Carter Becomes President, Sanibel Island, Florida, 1976
18.  Entering an Egyptian Tomb for the First Time, 2007
19.  Letting Our Imagination Run Wild on Roosevelt Island, NYC, 1987
20.  When the Pacific Lay Shimmering Like Glass, 2009/10

21.  Wine and Cheese at Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park, 2000
22.  A Jewel of a Garden in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 2007
23.  First Snowfall in the Black Hills, South Dakota (2000)

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

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