Looking Back and Looking Ahead

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(Last Updated On: November 7, 2012)

I turn 50 this week, which seems like a good time for a little reflection. As part of those reflections, I’m going to publish a series of posts that address what I’ve learned over the years about myself, about the world, and about my reasons for traveling.

On Tuesdays I’ll relate my most memorable travel experiences. I’ll go back in time to recall a few of the travel experiences that have stayed with me. Some are insightful, some are simply amusing; all have imbedded themselves in my memory. All of them say something about why I travel. These won’t be published in any specific order and include such diverse experiences as watching Jimmy Carter get elected president during a storm on Sanibel Island, unexpectedly ending up in Red Square at Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, being rejected by the friendliest people on earth in Fiji, camping next to a hippo pond in Botswana, visiting Mesa Verde at night, and spending my birthday in Soure, Portugal. There will be 50 of these posts, one each week for the next year.

At the same time I’m looking back, I also want to look ahead. I’m planning two series of posts that address this:

  • On Saturdays I’ll dream a bit about a place I hope to travel to someday. Some will be places I’m likely to get to, but a few – Timbuktu, Damascus, and Iran among them – are places I doubt I’ll ever see.
  • I’ll follow-up on Sunday with a post on a place I have visited, but want to return to, exploring the reasons these places call to me to return time and again. 

I hope you find these stories and dreams entertaining and useful in thinking about your own travel plans and why travel matters to you.

Look for the first posts next week!

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Look forward to those Saturday trips, especially the dream spots. I lived in Esfahan, Iran for 2 years in the late 70's. It was absolutely in the top 10 most beautiful locations of any place I've ever been!