Testing a New Camera at the Twins Game

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

I’m preparing for an upcoming trip and decided I needed a more flexible, waterproof camera that I could take snorkeling. I decided to get an Olympus TG-820. Of course, now that the camera arrived, I need to test it out and start learning how to actually use it.

While I bought the camera to take pictures when snorkeling, I also want it to take decent pictures out of the water as well. Time to find out if it’s any good or if I made a bad decision.

With lighting extremes and long sight-lines, last night’s Twins game seemed like a good place to start testing.


It doesn’t have much of a zoom (which I knew and which won’t matter underwater), but seems to give good bright colors, handles contrasty light ok, and seems pretty sharp. The files seem a little small, but that’s in comparison to my D300, so probably not a fair analysis. I think it will work.

Oh yeah, there was a game going on.

Neither the Twins or the Royals were playing particularly well, so we left with the Twins behind by one in the 7th. (Really, as far as I’m concerned, 7 innings is the right length for a game. More than that is too much.) After we left, the Twins came back and won 4-3 in the tenth.

Now I need to dump the camera into some water and see how it does. Anyone got an aquarium with some fish they’d like photographed?

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