Photo Thursday: Revisiting Paris in the Spring Time

(Last Updated On: May 13, 2019)

We are going to be in Paris this fall for a few days, which made me think about our last trip to Paris in the lovely days of late spring. I love gardens and we spent most of our time wandering the city, spending every moment we could out doors enjoying the city in all its green goodness!

One of my favorite places was the Bagatelle, where the flowers were gorgeous (even in the rain) and the peacocks seemingly performed on command!

I’m expecting we’ll want to spend more time indoors when we return this November and I’d love ideas for places to spend a potentially cold and rainy day in Paris!

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Springtime in Paris

7 thoughts on “Photo Thursday: Revisiting Paris in the Spring Time”

  1. Paris is wonderful no matter the time of year! We visited this past March and were blessed with wonderful weather so we were able to spend a great deal of time outside. We spent 10 days and it didn't rain until our last. Not sure if those are your kids in the photo but we spent the rainy afternoon of our last day at the puppet show in Luxembourg Gardens – my daughter loved it!

    1. An outdoor puppet show sounds quite delightful.

      Not my children – but they were a joy to watch because they quickly figured out how close they could get to the peacocks without getting chased and then they just stayed right in that range watching and taking pictures. One of the things that surprised me about Paris was how many children were around, there were parents with children everywhere on the streets and in the parks – clearly French children don't spend all their time in daycare and extended care programs at school!

  2. How lucky for you to be returning to Paris! It is one of my favorite cities. I've visited twice during Fall – one in late November. It wasn't too cold and the sun was out and the fall colors were still visible throughout the city. I can spend days at the Louvre or the Orsay for rainy days. Have a wonderful trip!

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