High Stakes at the State Capitol Farmers Market

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(Last Updated On: November 22, 2019)

The governor has declared this Farmers Market Week here in Minnesota and, to kick things off, today there is a celebration and identify-the-produce-contest at the new State Capitol market in Saint Paul.

The contestants represent various state agencies and they are competing for this fabulous prize.

Some contestants are more into this than others. . .

. . . but, then, the Department of Agriculture does seem to think they have a lock on this competition.

The crowd’s excitement mounts.

Of course, no competition can actually begin without a reading of the Governor’s proclamation and a thorough explanation of the rules.

Finally the bags of mystery vegetables are delivered to each team and the contestants tear into them, eager to be the first to identify the bag’s contents.

Once contestants think they have identified all the items in the bag, they run to the judge to see if they are right.

No one identifies all of the vegetables in their market bag on the first try, so the contestants run to various vendors to find the answers. (Everyone is stumped by the small, deep purple, oval vegetable that turns out to be not just an eggplant, but an Indian eggplant.) Some of the teams are a lot quicker than the rest.

My team sort of loses interest at this point, as it is clear that they will not be going on to the final round, and I lose interest too. (I think the Ag folks have it rigged!)

Besides, I have some shopping to do.

And Ag does win.

Minnesota has over 155 farmers markets. Find the one nearest you for fresh and local groceries.

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