Photo Thursday: Serendipity in the Apostle Islands

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2019)

I spent the Fourth of July holiday sailing with friends in Lake Superior’s Apostle Islands. One afternoon we went out to visit the sea caves on Sand Island. Even though it was a beautiful day during a holiday week, we thought we were the only ones out there. . . until this Voyageur-style canoe slid out of a cave and into open water.

It would have seemed like a mirage, had it not been for the very modern-looking group of young paddlers.

If we had we arrived a bit earlier or later we would have missed this. We would have come here and reveled in the solitude, not realizing that sometimes having a spectacular place all to yourself isn’t as good as it gets!

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Exploring the Apostle Islands

7 thoughts on “Photo Thursday: Serendipity in the Apostle Islands”

    1. It's a great place to sail – although we have been here when it is dead calm and so thick with fog that you can't see past the end of the boat. Still, an amazing experience.

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