Photo Thursday: Alaskan Summer Chiller

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2019)

It’s been hot – at least for Minnesota – this summer.

I’m a big fan of both tropical islands (particularly ones with cool ocean breezes) and desert landscapes (especially in the cool season), but I’m not a big fan of this summer’s relentlessly hot and humid subtropical weather. That’s gotten me dreaming of both tropical islands with cool ocean breezes and cold places. Actually, right now, Alaska is sounding really good.

We were in Alaska in 2008 and loved it. It is a place I will definitely return to again.

But until I make a return trip, here are a few images from that previous trip to give you a blast of cool air on a hot summer day.

Now, wasn’t that refreshing?

(Pictures from Denali National Park, the Kenai Peninsula, and Glacier Bay.)

For a wealth of great images from around the world, please visit Nancie’s Budget Travelers Sandbox and join in on the fun!

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13 thoughts on “Photo Thursday: Alaskan Summer Chiller”

  1. Thanks – but it's actually a caribou, but shot from a long ways away, so kind of hard to tell. (We had lots of stops to view what we started calling "caribou specks" dots way out in the hills that the guide swore were caribou.)

  2. These are breathtaking! That island in the lake and glaciers are calling my camera's name. My in-laws did a road trip to Alaska last fall and went through Denali. Your images capture what they saw much better than they did 🙂

  3. Your photos are fantastic.The scenery and the wildlife are stunning but my favourite is the last one of the pebbles in the river bed. Alaska is a place I must look into..another for the bucket list!

  4. Wonderful shots! I've never been to Alaska, and would love to go. Summer is but a memory here now, and I usually try and spend as little of the summer in Korea as possible. Unfortunately, this summer I was here for the month of August. All I can say is UGH…hot and humid every day. Maybe I should have gone from Prague to Alaska!

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