I Can’t Believe I’m Really Going to Be Here!

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(Last Updated On: April 30, 2018)


Beaches in the Seychelles from All Breaking News Today

I’m not much of a list keeper, so I’ve never had a literal bucket list. There are some places I’ve wanted to see for as long as I can remember – the pyramids, the plains of Africa, Tahiti, Portugal (I can’t explain -maybe it was the stories of early exploration or maybe it was the tile), Machu Picchu. Over time that has expanded to include Zanzibar, Turkey, Morocco, the Arctic, India. But there has never been a “list” as such and, for the most part, it never occurred to me that I COULDN’T get to any of these places if I really wanted to go there. It was just a matter of priorities.

That means none of them fell into the “dream trip” category.  Dream trips are places I’m pretty sure I’ll only see in my dreams (or on TV, video, in pictures, etc.). They are places that seem off-limits due to inaccessibility, cost, war, weather, destruction (the giant Buddhas in Afghanistan or the old bridge in Mostar), or some combination of these. These aren’t necessarily the places I’d most like to visit, but places I would like to see and can’t imagine every getting to. This category includes Antarctica, Syria (in this category for years, then not for a brief period, and now back as war rips it apart), Iran, and Greenland.

The Seychelles, with its remote location and expensive accommodations has long been in this “dream trip” category. Then a colleague told me how much he enjoyed his Dalmatian Coast sailing trip with King Yacht Charters and suggested I check out their website for trips I might be interested in.

When I went to the website, I found this:

This fall is my 20th wedding anniversary and this seemed like the ideal way to celebrate.

Now, if only I could have found the time and money to add Zanzibar to the itinerary. . .

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