Denver International Airport

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

I have been through Denver International Airport (DIA) once before, switching planes on a flight between Minneapolis and Phoenix. I recall joining my traveling companion in the search for a spot to walk her dog between flights and then sitting on the runway for way too long waiting to be de-iced and then de-iced again.

Since then I’ve avoided DIA, so my only knowledge of this airport is based on that faint recollection and a series of articles in the mid-1990s when the airport’s location, design, and fully automated baggage eating handling system were touted either as brilliant innovations or disastrous failures. It wasn’t a place I saw any reason to seek out.

More recently, an in-law informed me that DIA is the base for a secret underground new world order or the Nazis or some other nefarious thing. So now I have a few vague conspiracy theories mixed in with my equally vague impression of this airport as a poorly planned, over-budget, baggage eating, weather-related delay disaster.

So now I am here again.

Of course, the most famous aspect of this airport is its multi-peaked roof, intended to evoke the Rocky Mountains. (It’s your call as to whether or not it does that successfully.)

The vastness of that roof is clear from inside the terminal.


It seems a pleasant enough place, with quirky – but not sinister – art. There are giant “paper” airplanes, a wall of propellers, and a temporary display with a VW bug decorated in traditional-style Huichol beading.

“Experimental Aviation” by Patty Ortiz consists of 140  airplanes – photo from
“Kinetic Air Light Curtain” by Antonette Rosato and William Maxwell – photo from   

It’s pretty cool.

We never do find the sinister art that is at the center of various conspiracy theories.  (Well, actually, we did, but didn’t realize it since there just isn’t anything particularly sinister about it.)


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