Penguins! (Boulders Beach, South Africa)

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2020)

One of things on my “must-see” list is the penguins at Boulders Beach. I’ve not seen penguins outside a zoo (we didn’t get a good look at any in the Galapagos) and I’ve seen all these amazing pictures of Boulders Beach where you can swim with the penguins.

I’m so excited I practically run down the (crowded) boardwalk to the beach.

So far, so good!

I follow the walkway around the bend, imagining a dramatic beach with giant boulders and pockets of sand with penguins everywhere. Between the boulders in the sea, sheltered pools are filled with both swimming penguins and humans.

Instead, I find this:

Still, the walkway provides good views of the penguins.

(Penguins molt. That’s the reason some of these guys look pretty mangy; in a few months they will all be sleek and fully waterproof once again.)

I definitely can now claim to have seen penguins!

Of course, penguins aren’t the only wildlife here. Among other birds, huge flocks of cormorants swirl above – and land on – the boulders.

They are mesmerizing.

Further out, sailboats glide just this side of the horizon.

This would be a good place to spend the day.

Maybe I’d even find spots where I could actually commune with the penguins.

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1 thought on “Penguins! (Boulders Beach, South Africa)”

  1. You were fortunate to spend a day and see the birds. What a spectacular display!
    We were told there were whales way out — I only saw a fin but it was pretty cool.
    Love your photo mosaic.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

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