Fog! Nieuwoudtville, South Africa

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2019)

We awake to fog.

Not dainty fog on little cat feet, but a serious, fully-blanket-the-land sort of fog.

At first I’m disappointed – I want a bright sunlight to shoot wildflowers (most of which won’t open until they have full sun) – but my disappointment quickly turns to amazement. The plants here really are watered by coastal fog! I had read that somewhere, but had dismissed it as impossible, as this is a dry land nearly 70 miles inland with mountains between here and ocean. For couldn’t possibly get this far inland!

Not sure how long it will last, we hurry out with our cameras to explore this unexpected fairy land.


The fog didn’t stay very long, but it was magical while it lasted.  .  . a great start to a beautiful day.

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