Cruising the Saint Lucia Estuary in South Africa

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2019)

The estuary is part of the larger Saint Lucia Wetlands Park, a vast reserve with a variety of coastal ecosystems.

We scramble onto boats and soon cormorants bid us adieu as we enter the main channel, where we find African jacana (also called “Jesus birds” because they appear to walk on water), a few moorhens, and dozens of Cape weavers.

There are bigger creatures along the water’s edge too.

There are lots of birds, especially Egyptian geese, none of which seem particularly nervous about nearby crocodiles.

However, not all the action is right along the shore.

There are birds everywhere, including a giant kingfisher, an African fish eagle, squacco heron, spoonbills, and others.

Apparently there are leopards here too, but today we have to be satisfied with the beautiful birds.

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