Thursday Photo: The Most Beautiful Buddha

(Last Updated On: December 3, 2019)

Our guide in Thailand was very proud of her culture and country and would regularly take add additional stops – usually ones with a magnificent Buddha of some sort – to our itinerary.After a long day touring Sukhothai Historical Park, we are all exhausted when our guide suggests we make one more stop at Wat Si Chum to visit “the most beautiful Buddha.”

Having been previously told many times that we were about to see “the most beautiful Buddha,” most of our group stayed on the bus to nap.

That was a mistake because this may indeed have been the most beautiful Buddha we saw during our stay in Thailand.

I still don’t have my pictures from this trip edited and posted yet (it was only in 2006!), but pulled this image for printing last week and thought I would share it with all of you. Maybe I can find time to get back to those pictures soon!

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6 thoughts on “Thursday Photo: The Most Beautiful Buddha”

  1. This is a beautiful shot. I have been coming to Thailand since 2002 (right not I am in Chiang Mai) and this site is still on my must see list.

  2. Nancie – For a photographer, the historical park is wonderful, everywhere you look there is something different and beautiful so the challenge is in how to select scenes that will really convey it all. I wish I had finished those photos to share with you, but you should try to get there!

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