Karrin Allyson at the Dakota

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)
I’ve long had a love-hate relationship with the Dakota in Minneapolis:
  • I love the music and intimate setting, but am put-off by the extremely short sets, relatively high ticket prices, and class priority for seating;
  • I adore the brilliant meals devised by chief (and my former neighbor) Jack Riebel, but hate the fact that 90% of the menu is unavailable to late show-goers like me;
  • I love the “new” venue (it’s hardly new anymore), but wish they would have designed it to allow space for comfortable pre- and post-show lingering, which would have made for a more relaxed evening for customers while increasing the Dakota’s bottom-line through increased food and beverage sales. . . .

You get the idea. The cost and irritations mean that we don’t go as often as we would like.

On the subject of Karrin Allyson, however, there is no question: I simply LOVE seeing her perform.

She’s a wonderful musician with an interesting repertory (Monk to the duck song), a fascinating voice that is both rich and deep and little-girl-like, and odd mannerisms which make her fun to watch. She usually is backed up by a really good ensemble and, because she has family and professional ties here, shows may include spur-of-the moment duets with local entertainers pulled out of the audience and close with her mom selling CDs in the back. In other words, he performances always promise both great music and good fun.

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