Overwhelmed at the National Museum

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

My cousins aren’t big on museums, but we convince them to join us in sampling the collection at the National Museum of Denmark. Classical Rome (and the Near East) seems like a good bet (who doesn’t like Italy?) – so we start there.

We are immediately overwhelmed by the sheer volume of material on display. It’s one of those museums that operates on the theory that, if one is good, ten or twenty must be better.

(It’s funny to see my pictures and find I focused only on individual objects, as if to reduce the visual clutter of so many things all packed together.)

It’s too much and we flee pretty quickly, but I know they have a good collection of Viking gold and I want to see it. By luck we find ourselves outside the Danish Prehistory galleries on our way out – there must be golden baubles nearby.

These galleries are dark and quiet with a not-quite-so-overwhelming collection on display (I suspect there are fewer remaining remnants of prehistoric Denmark than, say, classical Rome). Best of all, the cases of gold and silver gleam enticingly in the dim light, each a small enclosed world of tiny precious objects.


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