Møns Klint, Denmark

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2020)

Møn Klint is the reason most people come to this lovely island and it is what has drawn us here as well.In a perfect world I would have reserved a tour of the cliffs via boat for tomorrow morning when the light would make them glow. Instead we are racing through the forest now to reach the cliffs before they are completely hidden in shadows.

This forest feels very different from other places we have been in Denmark and I can’t help but watch the roadsides in hopes of catching a glimpse of a patch of one of the many types of orchids that grow wild here.

Of course, I can’t see any from the road, so I keep watching as we hike up the trail and along the top of the cliff.

While I don’t see any orchids, the trees themselves are weirdly curled and the paths are lined with glowing yellow primroses.

Of course, the real stars here are the cliffs themselves.

It is beautiful even if the light is not very good.

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