Looking for Ice in Helsingør, Denmark

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2020)

We are staying in Helsingør tonight.

By the time we arrive, it is very late in the afternoon and, while it looks as if it could rain at any moment, it is not actually raining. Lane wants to go for a walk around town, but I’m tried and just want to sit in the room and play with photos. Actually, what I really want is a big glass full of ice with a little Pepsi in it. That’s kind of hard to find here (most places don’t use much ice), but Lane convinces me we can find some and so we head out to explore the city and look for ice.

The streets are very quiet after the rain and most of the stores have closed for the evening.

We never do find any ice. Well, a shish kabob spot offers me all the ice they have – three cubes. I manage without.

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Spring in Denmark

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