Life in a Bicycle City, Copenhagen

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2020)

Is it simply a coincidence or a sign of how important bikes are here that the barometer built into the corner of a building near Tivoli and Copenhagen’s central train station features a figure of a girl who, in fine weather, rides her bicycle. (On rainy days she comes out with an umbrella.)

Copenhagen is, of course, internationally famous as a bicycle-friendly city, so I’ve been a bit surprised by the amount of auto traffic in the heart of the city – despite lots of accommodations (including well-marked bike lanes), I don’t see that bikes are really given any preference. Biking isn’t especially pleasant here, just safer than in a lot of big cities.

Some of the accommodations are pretty cool though, like real detours through construction areas.

While there are bikes everywhere, there aren’t any of the neat covered bike parking areas I saw in Germany. There aren’t even bike racks in a lot of places. Bikes end up left wherever there is space – often even in places where bike parking is clearly prohibited.

Nor are bikes welcome everywhere!

None of this seems to inhibit the bikers themselves.

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