Evening in Bandholm

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

We are staying in Bandholm tonight, at the Bandholm Hotel – a bed and breakfast within view of the sea.

There is just enough time before dinner to check out the immediate neighborhood. To one side there is a long beach with a marina that serves both industrial and pleasure boats.

The village appears to be on the other side of the hotel, where I find a few carefully tended homes, a couple small businesses, some long-abandoned commercial buildings, and a train depot.

I can’t tell for sure whether or not the depot is still in use.

Nor can I tell whether or not this is the whole town. . . for some reason I had expected it to be bigger. Perhaps it is there, behind those trees off in the distance. Or perhaps not, as most things in Denmark haven’t been as big as I’d expected. Now I’ll have to wait for another day to know for sure.

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