February in Seattle

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)
My job took me to Seattle for meetings a few weeks ago and I extended the trip for a couple of days so Lane and I could visit some of our favorite indoor spots (Seattle isn’t know for its balmy winter weather) and spend some time with friends.I only brought a pocket camera with me and then started the trip off by deleting (instead of saving) all of my pictures at the end of the second day, hence the greater than usual level of disorganization.

(I finally rescued the lost photos this weekend, so they will appear here eventually.)

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Usually we stay with friends when we are in Seattle, but this time I spent part of the trip downtown at the Seattle Hilton. It’s not right down by the market, which would have been my preference, but the location is good and it is a pretty easy walk to most of downtown and waterfront area – at least when it isn’t snowing or pouring rain. The top-floor breakfast room has giant windows with sweeping views off to the Olympics, but there are decent views to be found throughout the hotel.

Besides Japonessa, we also had a really lovely meal at the West Seattle location of Cactus – which is a favorite spot of mine anyway and was perfect on a cold, rainy day. (If the pear margarita is available, order it. A more perfect drink may not exist.)

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