Barker Dam reflections, Joshua Tree National Park, California

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2020)

We are back in California’s Joshua Tree National Park in the morning.

landscape with mountains at Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua trees at Joshua Tree National Park

We should have gotten going earlier this morning, but the coffee shop in town doesn’t open until 7, so we decided that is early enough. In some ways it is, but when we reach the trail to Barker Dam, the sandy path is full of tracks both human-made and otherwise that make us wish we had been here earlier.

animal and human footprints in Joshua Tree National Park

There is a humming bird perched high in a tree, otherwise, all is still and quiet as we move through large boulders.

large boulders with plants at Joshua Tree

The trail soon takes us to the shores of a little pond, the surrounding rock reflected in the mirror-still water.

Lake with rock in Joshua Tree

Rocks and reflections in a small lake

Rocks and reflections in a small lake

Rocks and reflections in a small lake

This might be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. I could sit here all day watching the ducks, listening to the birds, and just soaking in the stillness and solitude.

yellow songbird

Lake with rock in Joshua Tree

(We do sit here quite a long time, but the sun keeps climbing higher in the sky so finally it is time to tear ourselves away and move on. )

Lake with rock in Joshua Tree

At the far end of the pond we find the dam responsible for this watery dreamscape.

dam set between rock

It’s also a high point that offers an unexpected vista.

southwestern desert landscape

From that point the trail winds down to the sandy plain at the edge of the Wonderland of Rocks and back to the trail’s beginning.

trail past a Joshua tree with distant boulders

desert vista with distant mountains

rocky desert landscape with text "Joshua Tree National Park: Barker Dam Reflections"


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