Getting Settled in Downtown Seattle

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)


Because I have friends here, in all my visits I’ve never stayed in a hotel here. I’ve been looking forward to staying downtown and, while I would have preferred a hotel nearer the waterfront, my room at the Hilton is well-enough located and provides a view that, on a clear day, just might include a glimpse of Mount Rainer.

I’m sure it’s back there somewhere. . .

If I lean way over in one corner I can even get a glimpse of the waterfront between the buildings.

My window also provides a view of a geometric concrete garden. It reminds me of one we wandered through the time we ate at Salumi. It’s late for lunch, nearly 4 p.m., but I haven’t eaten all day and should have something before a business dinner at 7 tonight. Salumi would be perfect. But when I ask the concierge, she says it is quite far away, too far to walk.

Does she have any suggestions?

She looks up and immediately asks if I like sushi.

Is it possible that Hilton has that in a file somewhere, right along with my preference for “view” rooms and free internet? Or do I simply have “sushi eater” tattooed on my forehead?

It’s a good thought though, so I follow her directions down the street (literally DOWN the street) to Japonessa where I have a lovely light meal while flirting a little with the sushi chef and trading shopping notes with an accessories buyer from Toronto.

It snows a little while I’m eating, but returns to simply being cold and blustery by the time I am ready to hike back up the hill to the hotel.

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