Urban Geology in the Big Apple

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)
While I don’t know my geologic ages, I’m really into rocks and landforms – sort of a geologist without the language.


Despite my technical limitations, I love trying to decipher what the landscape around us has to say and how it influences the places we create. Thus I was pleased to discover the blog Friends of the Pleistocene (the Pleistocene apparently is noted for explosions in the population of mammals as well as mass extinctions, ice ages, and the development of stone age culture – so it really wasn’t that long ago, geologically speaking). The blog looks at the link between today and the the formation of the physical and cultural world that formed it. It’s fascinating stuff.

They have been running a Geologic City series, the first of which included a tour of a couple of parks at the northern end of the island which include some seemingly unexpected features like a salt marsh and fault lines.


The following pieces are equally fascinating, so check them out.

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