This is Going to be Really Hard

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)
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Along the way back I come across Rick and Rich standing in a doorway, intently shooting something in the street that is not obvious to me. I stop by to see what’s up, but seem to be in the way (I still can’t see what they are shooting) so continue on. I don’t get far though before Rick catches up to me and invites me to come back so he can show me what he is doing.

What he has found is a good “frame” for a scene (using some empty tables and a couple of menu boards) with people moving through. Despite a careful explanation, I feel like I only sort of get what it is he is seeing.

My images make it clear that I don’t get it – their shots look like something from a fancy travel magazine, mine are boring:

Oh well. I’m here to learn, right?

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