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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

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I’m here for a week-long Traveler’s Eye Workshop photo class.

I’ve been looking forward to this for a couple years now, but in the last few days I’ve become pretty nervous. I hate having anyone see my work in progress (any type of work – photography, writing, gardening, you name it) because at that point it is clear how messy the process is, but not at all clear anything good will come of it. Now I’m going to have to let a couple of really good photographers see that. Scary.

So, while this sounded really fun when Chris and I discussed it over drinks in my back yard, now I’m worried. Of course, it’s too late to change my mind and I have met everyone and they all seem nice, so here we go. . .

There are two instructors leading the workshop:

  • Chris Welsch is a casual friend. I’ve long been a fan of both his photography and travel writing from the days when he was with the Star Tribune. Last winter I took a weekend class from him and learned a lot while having a very good time. He is talented, kind, intelligent, and a pleasure to be around, so I am looking forward to spending time with him.
  • Richard Sennott, on the other hand, is pretty much an unknown to me. Despite being regularly published in the Star Tribune, I’d not really been aware of his work until Chris started talking about this workshop. However, I have since figured out that Rick takes amazing people pictures (which intrigues me because that is something I am very bad at) and Chris is clearly fond of him, both of which seem like good signs.

This is the inaugural run for this workshop, so there are only two other students joining me (Maury and Rich) and one other trailing spouse (Laura) for Lane to hang out with. It is a small group, but a good one I think.

I haven’t taken many photo classes (a couple semesters in Junior/Senior High, a darkroom course right after college, and Chris’ class last winter), so I’m not really sure what to expect.

Nor have I taken the time to consciously prepare for this week. (Chris sent a few homework assignments in advance, which I haven’t gotten to yet.) However, while in Rome, I found myself thinking about how to apply some of the lessons from that winter class. I’ve even allowed a few people to creep into my shots, which is highly unusual for me, but something Chris kept encouraging. (I will wait an almost indefinite amount of time for everyone to get OUT of my shot, while Chris kept trying to convince me that I should instead wait for people to move IN and do something interesting. It’s a concept I am having trouble grasping.) Anyway, it seems that, without really trying, I have perhaps begun preparing for this week.

Now it is time to get started.

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