Summer in the City (More Museums in Minneapolis and Saint Paul)

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(Last Updated On: June 7, 2017)
Not sure what the weather is going to be like this week, so perhaps a few more museums would be a good option. . . and, to keep to the architecture theme of the other day, most feature new buildings and/or dramatic expansions.


The Minneapolis Institute of Arts with its well-rounded collection is always a good place to visit. There don’t seem to be any special exhibits on at the moment that really speak to me, but it is always a fun place to spend some time (the Asian collections are amazing) and take a few photos. Besides, it’s just a pleasant place to be now as the new wing designed by Michael Graves (opened to the public in 2006) greatly improves the space.

I really haven’t spent any time at the Science Museum of Minnesota since its 1999 move into its new downtown facility, but with a show on the Dead Sea Scrolls on now, it’s probably a good time to do so. Oooh, and the Omnitheater is featuring a show called Arabia! And then there is the Big Back Yard (mini golf, anyone?) and Elements Café is supposed to have good river views. Plenty of reasons to visit.


I love the Museum of Russian Art, but get there all too seldom. Current exhibitions include A Homespun Life (Textiles of Old Russia), the Road North (art depicting northern regions of Russia), and the Enchanted Art (Russian Lacquer). Guess I need to get over there with or without my guests!

(The building is wonderful too, originally the Spanish Revival Mayflower Congregational Church, it was revived as an elegant exhibit space by Julie Snow Architects in 2005.)


Frank Gehry’s Weisman Museum lacks some of the subtle sinuousness of his later, more famous creations in Bilbao and Los Angeles, but it’s still eye-catching.

Weisman Museum


Its currently undergoing an expansion that will add 11,000 square feet.



If only we had more time!


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