Lunch in Berchtesgaden, Germany

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(Last Updated On: May 12, 2019)

I can see why my friends Shari and Dave loved it here. Berchtesgaden is a picture postcard lovely city with intricate buildings that step up the hillsides below dramatic mountains. It is really lovely.

I am, however, really glad I decided not to stay here. . . . There is nowhere one can go without climbing up or down a hill and, without a car, it would have been impossible for dad to negotiate. It is the sort of place one goes to spend time hiking in the mountains. Salzburg was a much better choice.

Today it is also cold and damp, with the feel of rain, so we don’t wander too far from where our tour will begin.

With no idea where to go for lunch, we sort of randomly pick a spot. The café has a cool and breezy covered patio with a good view of a major construction project along the river that runs through town.

Under construction in Berchtesgaden, Germany - ExplorationVacation

The food is ok, but really basic.

Halfway through lunch it begins to pour.

After lunch we wait until the rain subsides a bit (did I mention it was absolutely pouring?) and make a dash down the block to a bakery.

Bakery sign in Berchtesgaden, Germany - ExplorationVacation

We should have just gone here in the first place, as it is well-stocked with delicious things to eat.

It would have been a perfect place to wait out the rain.

Europe Summer 2010

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