The Music of Salzburg

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)
I too frustrated trying to find a suitable hotel in Berchtesgaden (located in a walkable area and affordable), so I asked my dad how he felt about staying in Salzburg instead. Turns out he didn’t care where we stayed as long as he got to visit Hitler’s Eagles Nest (tickets already reserved), so Salzburg it is!I probably would have planned to stay in Salzburg from the beginning, but did not really realize how close and convenient it would be . . . and our friends loved Berchtesgaden and highly recommended it. But getting from Munich to Berchtesgaden via train requires a switch in Salzburg and there are so many more hotel options. Not to mention that, without a car, a place where there are lots of things you can walk to is always nice. And I really like cities.

Staying in Salzburg also has another advantage for me – it will be much easier for me to take in a concert or two while I’m there.

The music festival will be under way while we are there, but official events are very expensive and largely sold out. However, Salzburg is the city of Mozart, so there is always music somewhere. There are enough options that I even think I find a few things suitable for my father, who really isn’t into classical music at all. . . .

For example, I think the Marionette Theater would be a good option. I was considering a Best of Mozart show, but now I see have a Sound of Music show! That is too funny.

Time to buy tickets!

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