Auction day in southwestern Minnesota

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2019)

About 5:45 I am half-awake, half-dreaming of rain.

Oh oh. I’m NOT dreaming.

We are up before the alarm, looking for a TV station with up-to-date weather (one 24/7 weather station simply re-broadcasts the previous day’s forecast, which isn’t particularly useful) to have a sense of what the day will bring. . . we realize that rain will make continuing the auction very difficult, if not impossible.

By the time we arrive the decision has been made: the auction will be rescheduled and held at a different location.

After a quick tour of the antique and vintage clothes and hats, Ann puts us to work moving boxes out to a trailer and packing dishes in the garage and, when the garage is mostly empty, in the house.

y noon all of the dishes are packed, only the collection of oil lamps on the dinning room table are still to be packed.

Ann’s sister has had a pork loin heating in the crock pot all morning and there is graduation cake left from the week before. We get out our stock of red wine, cheese, and crackers and gather with the others for lunch, more story telling, and lots of laughs.

We pack the lamps before we leave. It’s unfortunate that the auction had to be rescheduled, but it still feels like a good day.

I think we need to come back here again.

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