The Portland Saturday market

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2020)

Portland’s Saturday Market (which is also held on Sunday) is located below the Burnside Bridge I mean, literally below the bridge.

It seems like a weird location, but the market features a wonderful selection of local crafts people working in almost every medium imaginable (although the duct tape wallet people didn’t seem to be around this weekend, so there was a bit of a void there). I’m pleased to see that, while the duct tape folks seem to have moved on, some of my favorites from two years ago are still here, including the lovely couple behind Bella Mi soaps (site currently under construction).

Those are actually soap, not dessert. While all of their soaps (they have normal bar-shaped soaps too) are delightful, I love these for gifts – guess what the cousins in Sweden are getting when I visit this summer!

Next we come across the Using God’s Creations booth, where I bought a really wonderful necklace and earring set last time I was here. They always have the most incredible stones and the wire-work settings and elegant and perfectly executed. There are some really gorgeous stones here, but I have a lot of jewelry, so perhaps none of these lovely baubles really needs to go home with me this time.

In another part of the market we come to the booth for Fused Glass House.

This is a new artist to me and I love the Japanese-feel of some of his work . . . so much so that a piece for me AND a few gifts for friends find their way into my bag.

Working our way back through the market we pass the Spoiled Cat booth. I start to walk past without stopping, but then I see the dolls.

Oh, my.

I’m not really a doll person (ok, I’m not at all a doll person), but these are so compelling I want to know more about them. . . or a picture of them anyway.

Just looking at them is enough to know I can’t afford to take one home and I’m not really a doll person anyway . . . although one of my favorite possessions is the doll I brought home from Peru who is a calming presence on my desk at home. Maybe I do need one of these.

I ask if they are for sale (a fair question, seeing as how the rest of booth is filled with cat pillows) and discover that most of them will be as they have been photographed – presumably by a professional, rather than me – but at too rich a price for me to justify. Sigh.

I really want pictures of them though and I’m trying to learn to take pictures of people on my travels (something I hate to do, since it seems intrusive and generally requires engaging strangers), so I ask about the dolls and end up having a wonderful discussion about work, dreams, doll making, and production sewing. I feel like I now have another friend in Oregon!

(I really want that redhead to come home with me. Maybe I’ll frame her picture and put it on my desk at work.)

We make a couple other stops to pick up gifts and some photo cards (the quality of the photography reminds me how much I have to learn – and how much difference it makes to have the luxury of time to wait for the right light).

Then we get distracted again, this time by the vibrant work on display at Visions In Wood. Elegant shapes and vivid hues abound, but Lane quickly notes the large round baton – a chef’s rolling pin – in rosewood with a bit of turquoise inlay. Gorgeous. ALMOST too gorgeous to use.

So now we are ready to leave the main crafts market and head across the street to the jumble of stalls over there – of course, it has begun raining.

I’ve had enough. It’s time to find a spot for lunch – preferably someplace warm and with tables.

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