Portland, Oregon itinerary (May 2010)

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2020)


Portland itinerary

Day 1: Getting reacquainted with downtown Portland

A Quick Trip to Paris for Lunch

Usually I’m not a big fan of eating alone in a restaurant, but I’m hungry after a long, tedious, and slightly uncomfortable journey here, so a lovely lunch somewhere seems delightful.

I end up at Carafe Parisian Bistro, which is just about perfect. . . even after a large class of French students on their senior outing fill up the other half of the room. Actually, it’s nice to see that they begin raising foodies here from a young age! No wonder this is such a great food town.

Ira Keller Forecourt Fountain

Day 2: Meetings with a lunch break

Lunch Carts!


Day 3

Hotel Modera


Day 4: May 28, 2010

At the Art Museum

Flower Shop


Rose Festival Fireworks

Although the rain has mostly stopped, it is still a damp and drippy night. None-the-less, the Rose Festival fireworks show will go on.

(All photos taken – without a tripod – from near the end of the very bouncy Hawthorne Bridge.)


Day 5: May 29, 2010

Saturday Market

This is where I would Live

Ok, I could never afford to live here, but I covet these decks that jet out into the air. What a wonderful perch!


Lan Su Chinese Garden

The Car Wash (Untitled Fountain at SW 5th & Ankeny)

View from Above (At the Portland City Grill)

Waiting for the Train: Dance Competition

Day 6: May 30

Portland’s Architectural Mish-Mash

An Abundance of Fountains

Portland is known as the city of roses, but it could as easily be the city of fountains.


A Few Thoughts on what may be America’s Most Walkable City

Portland Details

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