Canyon Road

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(Last Updated On: September 4, 2018)
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At last we are out and about on foot, with Canyon Road and its art galleries as our destination.

It is a beautiful afternoon, the sun warm and the air fragrant with the delicate blossoms of myriad fruit trees.

It is a perfect day to be outside. However, there are all these enticing galleries. . . we really don’t even get started before finding ourselves in the Karen Melfi gallery. They are beginning to close up for the day, but kindly wait while I pursue the cases filled with lovely, lovely baubles.

I select a charming bracelet and soon enough am back out in the slanting sunlight.

While I’ve been loitering over the jewelry counter, Susan has been waiting to head down the block to a place she has always admired and never visited.

I can see why she is drawn to this place.

The air is alive with the movement and song of the wind as it moves through sculptures of various sizes. We both want these for our own yards – I’m partial to Ross Barrable’s wind harps (the sound of which is magical), while Susan covets the graceful sculptures of Lyman Whitaker.

We head into the Wiford Gallery to see if there is any way we can afford any of these wonderful things and find they are too expensive for a spur-of-the-moment decision, but aren’t completely beyond our means. But other treasures await inside, including the amazing woodcarving of David Nittmann.

Too bad Lane isn’t here to see all of this!

We hate to leave such an enchanted spot, but the street beyond beckons. Time to move along.

Canyon Road is an curious mix of Santa Fe-style architecture liberally sprinkled with sculpture of all types.

It’s an endlessly fascinating place to wander, but I’m especially drawn to the gates and doorways that lead into almost every courtyard and building.

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