Marvelous Maverick’s

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)
I know you all think I lead this exciting, dramatic life, but really, I’m pretty boring. For example, pretty much every Saturday when we are in town, you can find us eating lunch at Maverick’s.This little storefront restaurant in a shopping mall in Roseville (just north of Larpenteur on Lexington) is what Arby’s should be – focused on a small selection of sandwiches filled with high-quality meat. While Lane swears by the roast beef, that’s just too much semi-raw meat for me. Instead, I recommend the pulled pork. Yummy!

Inexpensive and good. What more could you ask?

Just know that if you are a newbie waiting in line ahead of us, they’ll have my sandwich ready before you even get to the cashier to order! Being a regular has its benefits.

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