At the 2009 Minnesota State Fair

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2019)

I wasn’t sure we’d get to the State Fair this year, having just returned from vacation, but a happy and productive Friday morning at work seemed like a good prelude to an afternoon at the fair!

We missed the fair last year (and the Alaska State Fair wasn’t really the same), but it seems that little changed during our brief absence.

It is a little prettier this year though, with more flower gardens and patios and comfortable places to sit and relax.

Perhaps we should have planned to spend the ENTIRE day here!

Thankfully, our favorite things are easy to find:

there are chickens (in a variety of forms),

miniature goats (which I didn’t know existed until today),



work colleagues,

President Obama (the seed art version),



and Karen’s band.

As night falls, the fair grounds transform into a magical, surreal place where even the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Find your favorite things at the state fair 


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