Boston’s Best Baseball Bar

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)


We don’t have tickets for today’s Red Sox/Blue Jays game, but it seems like such a good day for baseball that we head into Boston and over to Fenway Park anyway.

The Bleacher Bar is actually located within Fenway – behind center field, adjacent to the Green Monster. There is only one “window” in the bar, but that “window” is a large garage door opening that looks directly onto the field. When we arrive, a heavy mesh screen is all that separates the bar from the field. Wow!

Sandy’s photo
Sandy’s photo

(That’s the team’s new old pitcher, Paul Byrd, warming up for his first game of the season.)

The space directly in front of the screened area is fenced off from the rest of the bar. It contains only three tables, all of which are available to bar patrons on a rotating basis. When we arrive, these tables are taken, but – after about an hour’s wait – one of them becomes ours.

(Once the game starts, the garage door goes down – drastically limiting the view, but by then our time in this spot is about over anyway, so we settle for watching the game – which Boston wins handily – on TV back at home.)

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