West Seattle via the Water Taxi

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(Last Updated On: May 26, 2019)

King County now provides water taxi service between downtown Seattle and West Seattle. It seems like the right form of transit for a gorgeous sunny day. . . and the views aren’t bad either!

Our destination is West Seattle, which is perched on a thumb of land across from downtown and – at the dock anyway – appears to be a green oasis.

Once we arrive, a free shuttle is waiting to whisk us off to Alki Beach. (What a great transit system!)

In the summer this place is going to be packed with beach-goers – both those here to play in the sand and those walking, biking, and skating alongside. This morning is still pretty quiet: It’s still a little cool to be spending the day the beach.

While there is a good strip of sand here, the real appeal for me is the sumptuous views across Puget Sound.

Michele and I wander along the beach awhile (in the hot sun) until we are ready for break. That seems like a good excuse for lunch, so we head into Cactus for delicious and innovative Mexican fare. (And really lovely, refreshing margaritas too.)

After lunch we stroll through the beach-side neighborhoods for a bit. Alki Point Lighthouse is still closed for the season, but there are plenty of interesting houses (and a number of really boring ones) with great views that we can enjoy instead.

It looks like an idyllic place to live –I think living here would feel a little like always being on vacation. I suggest that Michele may want to consider moving here and promised I’d visit regularly. . . .

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