Spring in Seattle: Details & Miscellany

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

The Posts:Around Ballard – May 14
Sunset at Sunset Park

Not-Shopping in Seattle – May 15
The View from Phinney Ridge

West Seattle via Water Taxi – May 16
Space Needle

Celebrating Syttende Mai in Ballard – May 17

Azaleas (and Rhododendrons too) – May 18

A few rather random notes:

Very soon you will be able to get downtown from the airport via light rail. Soon, but not yet.

The forecast for the week I was there was 65 and rainy. Instead it was 80 and sunny most of the time. Seattle weather is like that.

Web sites on the Ballard neighborhood:

  • InBallard includes dining and shopping opportunities;
  • My Ballard has daily updates on what’s happening in the neighborhood; and
  • The Ballard News Tribune carries news stories and other information about the neighborhood

Seattle.gov has walking tours for various neighborhoods, including Ballard.

The Syttende Mai celebration is always on the 17th, no matter what day of the week it is.

Water Taxi service is cheap ($3 each way) and fun. It departs from the downtown waterfront .

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