Not-Shopping in Seattle

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(Last Updated On: May 10, 2019)

It is a lovely day in Seattle, with plenty of blue sky and sunshine, so it seems like a good day to go out and be a tourist.

Arriving downtown by 9:30 gives us a reasonable rate for parking at the Market and we are on our way. . .

Of course, a little breakfast sounds like a good idea, so we head across the street to Piroshky Piroshky for fabulous Russian treats.

Ah, so many choices. . . perhaps we’ll return for lunch.

There’s a tempting raincoat in a store a few steps away – an elegant beauty that should last for years, but, even so, the price seems high. I leave without it.

Back on the street we wander through Legacy (they only will sell the piece I like framed, so again I leave without spending anything) and continue on to Pioneer Square. Here we stop in the favorites the Flying Shuttle (I manage to avoid buying either the a lovely little purse or the stunning gold and red necklace – although I’m still thinking about returning for that necklace.), Stonington (Oh to be able to afford just one of those precious little Hib Sabin masks!), and Laguna Vintage Pottery (I manage to resist the perfect mid-century teapot tucked away at the back of a shelf.).

Beyond Pioneer Square lies Azuma (which is not yet open when we arrive) and Salumi (where the line already stretches down the block 15 minutes after they have opened for the day).

All that effort NOT spending money is rather tiring, so we relax for a moment by the hidden UPS waterfall.

This would be a great place to enjoy take-out from Salumi on a lazy afternoon. Today, however, lunch by the waterfront beckons, so it is time to head back toward the Market.

Along the way we pass this weird wall outside the Market Theater. . . .is that chewing gum art? Eww.

The Market is a zoo, swarming with people, so we flee to the waterfront and end up at Elliott’s for lunch. It isn’t often I wish I liked oysters, but the selection available here makes me wish I did. It really doesn’t matter though, as the bairdi crab is wonderful stuff – absolutely delicious. The view over the water to the mountains isn’t bad either.

It’s hard to leave, but we have a couple of errands to run, so it’s back into the crowds at Pike Place Market, where I make a bee-line for the Market Spice Tea Shop and then grab a few photos on our way back out.

And no, I was so focused on trying to grab a few decent shots that I didn’t actually see the iguana did you catch it?) until I started editing the picture . . . it was hectic in there!

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1 thought on “Not-Shopping in Seattle”

  1. Cindy – that gum wall puts the St. Cloud gum wall to shame! If you’ve never seen it, it’s in the walkway between the former St. Cloud Public Library and the appliance store next door. Both buildings are soon to be demolished, so it won’t be there for too much longer. . .

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