Visiting Butcher Jones

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(Last Updated On: August 6, 2015)


The Butcher Jones Recreation Area, that is, another spot my dad is eager to check out because he never has gotten here before. I’m eager to check it out because I like the name – even though my dad swears it is taken from a local surgeon who worked as a butcher on the side and NOT for a murderous doctor or real-life slasher movie star.

(I can’t find any evidence to corroborate his story, so I might stick to my version.)

Despite the creepy name, this is a lovely spot. It’s a busy one too, with people of all ages enjoying swimming, kayaking, and fishing.

Even the woodpeckers are busy – so much so that this one is oblivious to our close observations.

Despite all this activity in at the lake’s edge, it is fairly peaceful along the nature trail that slips along the lake shore as ducks float lazily on the water and bright wildflowers bloom in the late morning sun.

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