Phoenix Area: Spring 2009

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(Last Updated On: May 16, 2019)

Itinerary for spring around Phoenix 2009

Day 1: March 18

The Superstition Mountains

I am in Apache Junction, part of the sprawling suburbs that make up the Phoenix area. It is 89 and sunny. There are palm trees and the tops of the Superstition Mountains within view. All of which make this a very good place to be at the moment.

Day 2: March 19

The Desert at Sunrise


First Water

Along the Apache Trail

Chihuly’s Grand Garden Art


Day 3: March 20

Morning Along the Salt River

Visiting Butcher Jones


Day 4: Around Phoenix (March 21)

In the City of Phoenix

Lunch in the Groves

A Peek into the Ancient Past

The Biltmore


Day 5: The Single Best Thing at the Zoo (March 22)

It’s not that there weren’t other worthwhile things at the Phoenix Zoo, but these guys were my favorites:

turtles on a log

Every time a turtle tries to get on or off, the whole log rocks from side-to-side, leaving the remaining turtles hanging on by their toe nails. You can almost see the effort going into just staying put. (So much for a lazy nap in the sun!)

It is endlessly entertaining.

Day 6: Cacti and More at Boyce Thompson (23 March)

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