Along the Apache Trail, Arizona

(Last Updated On: November 18, 2020)

The Apache Trail is a gorgeous drive that I remember fondly from the “Dads and Daughters Day in the Desert” Karen and I did with our fathers a number of years ago. On that trip we hit the peak of the wildflower season.

I know this year’s flowers won’t be as good, but I’m still hoping for great scenery.

I’m always intrigued by water in the desert, so I make a quick stop to admire Canyon Lake.

Tortilla Flat is just down the road, so we decide to stop there for breakfast. Sitting at the base of towering red rock, this tiny town represents the living remains of a real Old West town.

Now it is a tourist spot with a fun restaurant decorated like a western saloon and wallpapered with dollar bills.

The food is ok, but it’s worth stopping just to soak in the atmosphere while you eat. . . and there aren’t a lot of other places to eat out here.

Back on the road – between Tortilla Flat and the Fish Creek rest area – I make a few more stops to try to capture the scenery, sweeping mountain views decorated peppered with saguaro, prickly pear and ocotillo cacti, as well as brittle brush, hopseed bush, desert chicory, desert hyacinth, fleabane, and many other interesting plants and bold flowers.

It’s such a lovely day.

Apache Trail with saguaros Arizona -

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